Welcome to FK Group

FK Group today operates as a unified structured unit across markets offering clients a comprehensive range of solutions through a highly competent financial and market updates.

We believe that if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. Strong ideals make strong businesses. Our practices and commitments have been purposefully outlined. Effective leadership is key to ensuring we stay aligned with our strategy and values. Our framework, structure, governing boards and committees keep us on track.

Competitive Strengths

FK Group has achieved a well deserved reputation for providing professional services and solutions, on time, and within budget. The key to our success is our team of skilled and committed personnel, client focused approach, and safe working culture. Our knowledgeable team of professional staff understand that in order to build trusted and long standing relationships with our clients, we need to provide the best equipment, personnel and services possible.

Our advantages include:

  • Strategic global bases of operation

  • Professional, honest, client focused approach to business

  • Comprehensive range of services using the latest technology available

  • Skilled and committed personnel, with very low staff turnover

  • Responsiveness to changing demands, and short notice mobilisation capability

  • Strong network of suppliers and business partners

  • High quality survey services, with reliable and accurate results

  • Experienced management team, accustomed to the challenging conditions and requirements of the offshore oil and gas industry