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Board of Directors

The Nomination Committee comprise at least three (3) Directors, the majority of whom, including the Nomination Committee Chairman, are independent. The Lead Independent Director is also a member of the Nomination Committee.

Process for Selection, Appointment and Re-Appointment of Directors

The Nomination Committee reviews and assesses candidates for directorships before making recommendations to the Board. It also reviews the retirement and re-election of Directors at each Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) under Company Articles of Association and makes recommendations to the Board on the same.

In the selection and nomination for new Directors, the Nomination Committee taps on the Directors’ resources to ensure the potential candidates possess relevant experience and have the caliber to contribute to the Company and its business, having regard to the attributes of the existing Board and the requirements of the Company. The potential candidates will go through a shortlisting process and thereafter, interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Executive recruitment agencies may also be appointed to assist in the search process where necessary. Upon recommendation by the Nomination Committee, a replacement Director can be appointed by way of Board resolution but any new Director shall be appointed by shareholder resolution alone. There is no alternate director on the Board.

Newly appointed Directors serve an initial term of three (3) years, after which they are considered for re-nomination for another term. Their re-nominations are subject to the recommendations of the Nomination Committee.

The Company’s Articles of Association provide that at each AGM of the Company, one-third (1/3) of the Directors for the time being, or, if their numbers is not three or a multiple of three, then the number nearest to but not less than one-third (1/3) are required to retire from office and are eligible for re-election. Retiring Directors are selected on the basis of those who have been longest in office since their last re-election, failing which they shall be selected by agreement.

New Directors appointed during the year are encouraged, but not mandated, to retire and seek re-election by shareholders at the next AGM after their appointment.

Board Performance

On the initiative of the Nomination Committee and in line with past practice, each Director, on an annual basis, undertakes a self-assessment exercise of the performance of the Board as a whole, of each of its Committees, and of himself/herself taking into relevant consideration the roles and responsibilities of Directors pursuant to the Code and the results of the Company’s business operations. The self-assessment exercise is facilitated by the Internal Auditor. The results of the self-assessment exercise are then reported and discussed by the Board and areas for improvement noted by the Board and recorded in the minutes.

Based on the reviews by the Nomination Committee, the Board is of the view that the Board and its Committees operate effectively and each Director is contributing to the overall effectiveness of the Board.

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